Introducing RPs - Or, Raiso Projects

Raiso's projects committee will aim to make NU students better and more responsible engineers and scientists

March 3, 2022
3 minute read

After much thought and deliberation, we're happy to showcase the general outline for our projects committee! 🥳

We've prepared this short presentation that you can watch here 👉 link to the loom presentation (external).


- Our projects committee will be cohort-based. In each cohort, we'll complete a machine learning project from start to finish.

- Each cohort will meet weekly

- Each project will take 10 weeks to complete - one cohort per quarter

- Each cohort will be supported by a set of mentors: CS masters and Ph.D. students who answer questions and support you in your journey

- Each cohort will have the chance to collaborate on these problems and work from each other!

- The first project will be voted on in the RPC1 application

Next steps

👉 Cohort applications will be released this week (although it's not really an application - it has a 100% acceptance rate up until it hits a cap, so first-come-first-serve!)

👉 Committee member applications will be released this week

👉 Mentor applications are out! You can find the link here:

Keep on the lookout for those two update emails - one for announcing cohort applications, and the other announcing how you can join our committee and help organize these cohorts.