AI Commission Recommends ‘Military AI Readiness’ by 2025

February 7, 2021

A commission tasked with studying AI’s impact on national security has recommended that the federal government increase investment in AI research and development over the next few years.

How much are we spending on AI?

The report recommends that the federal government double its federal R&D budget for AI every year until it reaches $32 billion in the fiscal year 2026.

AI in intelligence

The commission also set goals for the intelligence community to adopt more AI technologies at scale, including the creation of a “red team” dedicated to mitigating adversarial attacks on AI systems.

Future plans for an AI workforce

The commission also decided on a number of recommendations for further recruiting a more robust AI workforce including:

  • The US Digital Service Academy, a university whose students would agree to 5-year terms of government service after graduation
  • A visa category for emerging and disruptive technologies
  • A green card for all students who earn a Ph.D. in STEM fields