Amazon Drivers Face AI Micromanagement

January 16, 2021

Amazon is requiring their drivers to sign a “biometric consent” form to allow AI cameras into their vehicles to capture photographs, vehicle data, and “potentially risky driver behavior, such as distracted driving or drowsy driving.”

Biometrics: physical or human characteristics used for authentication purposes (think fingerprints and eye scans)

What data will be collected?

The technology provided by Netradyne will record facial recognition and other biometric data to confirm the identity of drivers and track their behavior during deliveries, such as yawning and texting while driving. The AI system will also record vehicles’ location, acceleration, braking, and following distance to recognize potential traffic violations. If drivers refuse to comply, they risk unemployment.

What's the impact?

As Amazon claims the cameras will increase community safety, some drivers believe the company is going a step too far.

Speaking to Reuters, 22-year-old driver Henry Search calls it an “invasion of privacy.”

“We are out here working all day, trying our best already,” Search said. “The cameras are just another way to control us.”

Amazon currently employs 75,000 drivers among 800 companies. Where do you stand?