The Robot Recruiters

January 16, 2021

Most college students are familiar with the recruitment and job-seeking process, a notoriously impersonal and challenging experience. These trends may continue as a growing number of companies expand their use of AI algorithms to decide whether to reject applicants, especially at the early stages of the hiring process.

Here are a few notable AI platforms:

  • Hirevue: an algorithm that analyzes footage of interviewees based on their movements, speech, and language. This platform eliminates the need for an interviewer to even be present, allowing the AI full discretion over who passes and who fails. A few companies that use this platform are Delta, GE, and SAS.
  • Pymetrics: a system that uses an aptitude test in a game-like format to make judgments about personality, intelligence, and other cognitive attributes in “just 25 minutes.” This platform is used by PwC, McDonald’s, and JP Morgan.

Before we worry about robots taking all of our jobs, we may need to worry about robots giving us our jobs in the first place.