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We're a growing community of students making AI less scary. Whether you're technical or not, come be at the heart of the conversation on technology and social issues.

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Our Programs

We run fun, engaging programs that promote discussion, action, and engagement with the intersection of technology and social issues.


Hold the Code 📰

A weekly newsletter that examines ethical AI and responsible technology use. We are a student-run, digestible newsletter that talks about tech ethics and how it affects you.

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Education 🗣️

Our Education committee shapes conversations about technology on Northwestern’s campus. We hold weekly catered discussions on  “AI and X” topics, including how AI interacts with art, the environment, the criminal justice system, healthcare, and social media.

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Events-Partnerships 💡

The place where AI researchers, designers, responsible technologists and artists share their work and views on the current and future state of AI.

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Projects 💻

Spend the quarter with a cohort to learn AI concepts and machine learning algorithms, then apply them to building a real-world project in weekly workshops.

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Our Team


How do I join RAISO?

Joining RAISO is as easy as joining our slack community, where you'll get easy access to the management team and other members. To join our management team, either reach out to us directly, or keep an eye out for one of our recruiting events!

I am interested in partnering with/contacting RAISO - where do I go?

That's great! All partnership or sponsorship inquiries can be sent via our contact form. We usually respond within a day.

How can I get involved?

Sign up for announcements for all of our events, and join our slack community! If you want to reach us directly, hit up our contact form.

Do I need a computer science background to join RAISO?

Nope! Actually, part of our mission is to make our programs accessible to everyone, no matter your technical background (although we do like to get technical from time to time).

How is RAISO operating in the pandemic?

Previously, all events and day-to-day activities were virtual. Now, with the exception of most speaker events, we're moving to a hybrid model, where all of our meetups and workshops are indoors and masked.

How do I become a member, or how do I become a program member?

Becoming a member is as easy as coming to one of our events, signing up for our newsletter or joining our slack channel! If you're interested in managing any of our events, you'll need to keep an eye out for the application, which makes its rounds at the start of every quarter (sign up do you don't miss out!).