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RAISOĀ is a community of young people passionate about the responsible, social-conscious use of technology in the world.

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"This Needs To Exist"

Founded in 2020, RAISO's mission is to pull down the curtain on the technologies and complicated algorithms that have come to rule our world.

Technology is embedding further into our lives, and is becoming harder to control and understand. This had led to unintended consequences, including the exacerbation of racial and social bases that exist today, and have existed in the past.

We believe that those most affected by CTech should strive to learn the most, and ultimately, have the loudest voice. Joining this community puts you in the right place to learn what you need to learn, and how to stay engaged as the world becomes more automated.

"This sounds super great and I'm honestly surprised that an organization like this doesn't already exist at NU!"

- Sisilia Sinaga, CS and Math

"I think this topic should be something that is taught as a core part of the curriculum."

- Molly Pribble, Computer Science

"I think it's super cool that you guys are organizing this :))"

- Julia Qiu, MMSS, Econ, Music

"I really think this is an important cause and a great organization to start especially with what is going on now."

- Harita Duggirala, Computer Science

"Thank you for raising awareness about the ethical topics of AI"

- Rory Nguyen, Computer and Cognitive Science

"RAISO looks pretty interesting and I'm looking forward to learning more!"

- Ariel Gordon, Cognitive Science

"Sounds like a very exciting opportunity!!"

- Lex Verb, LOC, BIP, Philosophy

"I think this organization is a great idea! I am particularly interested in AI in healthcare."

- Ilana Aronson, Science in Human Culture

"Great idea to create this organization!"

- Julia Tournant, Math, CS, and German

Our Programs

We run fun, engaging programs that promote discussion, action, and engagement with the intersection of technology and social issues.


Hold the Code šŸ’»

Be just as informed as an engineer, without having to become one

Read it now

Discussions šŸ—£ļø

Be apart of and learn from active discussions ranging from online dating, how Facebook knows so much about you, to GPT-3 and the state of the art

Join the Conversation

Speakers & Events šŸŽ«

AI researchers, designers, and responsible technologists share their work and views on the current and future state of AIĀ and CTech

Upcoming Events

Our Team


How do IĀ join RAISO?

Joining RAISOĀ is as easy as joining our slack channel. If you are a Northwestern student interested in joining a program, such as newsletter, marketing, and/or events, click here.

I am interested in partnering with/contacting RAISO - where do IĀ go?

That's great! All partnership or sponsorship inquiries can be sent via our contact form. We usually respond within a day.

Do IĀ need a computer science background to join RAISO?

Nope! Actually, one of the key principles of RAISO's programs are accessibility, no matter your technical background.

How is RAISOĀ operating in the pandemic?

All of RAISO's programs are virtual, meaning they are pandemic friendly.