❄️ The state of Raiso - Winter 2022

Big wins this winter, new funding, and a look ahead

March 3, 2022
3 minute read

By the numbers

Raiso grew a lot this winter. Since week 1,

  • our newsletter has grown 99%
  • we've held two speaker events (up from zero last quarter) with attendance on-par with events from the spring of 2021
  • our least-attended education discussion this year is up 400% from our least-attended discussion last quarter

On top of this, we've seen a 25% increase in our slack community, and a 10% increase in our listserv subscribers. With this, all inclusive, Raiso is probably the fastest growing student organization on campus.

Securing funding

One of the big wins this quarter has been securing departmental funding through McCormick. Up until now, Raiso's been self-funded by exec. on a reimbursement basis. This funding allotment will help us grow in ways we've been unable to before.

A snapshot of the spring

With this new funding, we're going to focus strongly on community development, including but not limited to:

  • Exec. retreat(s)
  • Community social gatherings
  • T-shirts & Raiso swag
  • Marketing expansion
  • Recruitment
  • Other misc. community costs

We're also going to aim to direct more traffic to our website by posting more events there, and moving our newsletter from substack "in-house."

While we're really thrilled with our growth this winter, investment into our community this spring will be vital to maintain our longevity, and to define our culture, in a time where we'll be seeing our first presidential changing-of-the-guard. We're excited to get started, and see all of you in the spring!

- The Raiso team